Biological Invasions in Forests: An IUFRO Task Force

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Forests around the world are experiencing invasions of thousands of different non-native species, including nearly every type of plant, animal and other types of organisms. Globalization is the main cause of the biological invasion issue, with increasing trade and travel causing accidental movement of organisms. A variety of methods are available for managing forest invasions, either by preventing the arrival and establishment of new species or by managing established populations. In the future, forests around the world will likely be exposed to increasing numbers of non-native species and effective management requires international cooperation and interdisciplinary integration.

The IUFRO Task Force on biological invasions is an interdisciplinary team of scientists which aims to synthesize current information across a diverse range of fields and develop in-depth approaches to managing biological invasions in forests worldwide. This team of scientists represents 13 countries with expertise in fields such as forestry, botany, entomology, plant pathology, ecosystem ecology, quarantine policy, economics and sociology. By design this task force is a temporary collaboration, initiated in 2015 and set to conclude at the next IUFRO board meeting in October of 2019.

These pages were assembled by the Task Force to serve as a starting point for individuals interested in learning more about biological invasions in forests.